Thursday, April 8, 2010

What's the Buzz, Tell Me What's A-Happenin'

Hokay, so. Here's what's going to happen.

Sunday I will drive to Maine, where I will drop off belongings and my car at the parent's house. I will spend a couple days there, shopping at LL Bean to pick up the last of my gear, and fitting in a visit at Mr Eddie's humble abode.

Then on Wednesday the Mumsy will drive us down to Rhode Island to visit with the family. That'll give me two-ish days to see all the various family members spread about in that tiny state. (They're not really spread about. Actually, they're all pretty much in the same town. Very handy!)

Then we will drive back to Massachusetts where I will get a kindly person to drive me to Albany on Saturday the 17th, where I will begin my epic journey of awesomeness.

Sadly, this means I will be missing the 5 year anniversary events in Guild Wars. But, as my mother pointed out, I shouldn't be sad about missing the adventures online as I will be out on my own adventure. If only I had a Gwen to take with me....

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