Saturday, April 17, 2010

Maynard MA to Albany to Troy NY

Have arrived safely in Troy, NY!

We left the house around 10:30am and had a lovely drive over to Albany. Bit of trouble finding parking at the Riverside Preserve, where I started my journey today, due to an unexpected Tea Party gathering. Yeah, random and kind of strange.

I had sent my cousin Erin an email telling her I'd be in the area, so she and her fiance had driven down to meet us. Unfortunately, due to the Tea Party taking up all available parking spaces, we weren't really able to visit all that much. Ian and Rebecca parked a bit illegally while I got my pack and dog out of the car. We chatted for a bit, but had to get moving.

Depending on how things go tomorrow I might give Erin a call and see if she wants to do lunch or something. I feel kind of bad that she drove all the way down (it's about a 30minute drive, so not super far, but still) and we didn't really even get to chat.

The weather was a bit dodgy, with sprinkley showers off and on as I walked down the path. Thankfully the hail was just a freak occurrence while in the parking lot!

Details - left Albany around 1:30pm, got into Troy at the place I'm staying for the night a little past 5pm. I took a few wrong turns along the way, so walked a tad bit farther than planned. But alls well that ends well, and I am warm and cozy in a stranger's new friend's house. I'm currently sitting on their futon while updating the blog and livejournal, while Anna snoops around the downstairs hoping for hidden cats or treats or who knows what.

All in all, not bad for a first day.

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