Sunday, April 18, 2010

Day 2: Troy to Latham NY

Just a measley 5 miles today, but boy what a long 5 miles.

Anna sums it up pretty well:

She jumped up there as soon as her pack was off and hasn't moved since.

Why yes, that is a hotel bed! And we are enjoying every inch of it.

Today was cold and full of hills. My knees and hips are killing me, so I decided to call it a day early and take it easy. I figure, why push myself when there's really no need? Take it nice and easy in the start, so that I'll actually make it to the end.

Supposedly, by the end of week 1 the pain will go away. I guess this is why people train hard core before a trip? Pshaw, training.

Tomorrow is supposed to be sunnier and slightly warmer, so maybe I'll actually use the tent tomorrow. Haven't heard back from the people in Schenectady yet, so might not have a free place to stay for a bit.

We'll see.

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