Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Hello from Maine!

For those of you out of the loop (which would be everyone other than my parents, since I apparently fail at communication), plans have changed. Sadly.

So I got to the end of the Erie Canal and woe, for I had run out of money. Well, not out out, just nearly out. I would have enough to get me back to Melissa in Brockport, and then maybe possibly to get back to Maine to the parents. So alas, I could not venture 'cross the country as planned.

But you know what? I'm actually okay with it. Sort of. In a roundabout if-I-have-to-be-realistic kind of way.

But of course when one plan fails we don't just fall down and mope. Oh no no no, we make New Plans!

New Plans involve me mooching on the generosity and extra space of the Mom and Dad, and hopefully tripping over some discipline and sitting down to write about my adventure in book form.

And planning the next Walk for Adventure. Depending on money and a job (which I'm still without), this could be planning for the entire USA, or it could mean finding a second Erie Canal size walk. Who knows!

And in case you're curious - Anna and I walked a grand (estimated) total of *drum roll* 475 miles!

Oh yeah, and I still haven't updated about those dang Canadians....or how I got back to Brockport, or about the stranger I hitched a ride with, or the midnight arrival at the sister's house, or about how I actually made it to Maine.

This means, of course, to keep checking back here for updates to catch you all up to date on my adventures with strangers!


Marlow said...


This is one I always wanted to go the whole length. I have hiked part...near Harpers Ferry. Very beautiful. I think this fall would be a good time..???

Ameranth said...

Oh, excellent idea! I hadn't heard of that trail/canal, I shall research the possibility.