Saturday, May 15, 2010

Medina, NY

Hello from Medina! (Pronounced Ma-dine-ah, oddly enough.)

Tonight I sleep in an attic that smells of incense. I was originally planning to sleep in these kind people's yard, but as we walked around the yard scouting out places to set up the tent they mentioned that it was supposed to rain and then offered the use of their attic.

Today was a good day, walking wise. Very short, actually. I think we only ended up walking around 7 miles in all. The original plan was around 11, but Mikken ended up dropping us off on the west end of Albion, so that cut out quite a bit. Very handy!

Today's exciting find:
Rock chairs!
And a better angle:

Anna enjoying the comfort of the rocky chair.

Anna and I kick back and enjoy the view from our comfy seats.

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In Real Life said...

Those are cool rock chairs! Pretty spot. Cool photo of you and Anna!