Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Brockport, NY

The lift bridge on Main St., Brockport.

Anna and I made it to Brockport on Friday afternoon. We had planned to walk to Spencerport that day and just find a place to set up camp. But, as has been happening lately, we arrived at Spencerport quite a bit earlier than planned. I think we got there around 1-ish? So, after stopping at a cafe for a warm drink and a bathroom break, we decided to just say heck with it and walk the final 7 miles down the canal to Brockport.

Boy am I glad we did! There were crazy thunder storms and wind that night. Thankfully we were happily inside my friend's house and not in a flimsy tent!

So now we've been here for a few days, resting and visiting and waiting out the cold front. (It snowed Saturday night and Sunday morning!)

The plan is to leave tomorrow and make it to Albion, where I have another friend willing to let us stay in her guest room for a night. Then it's off again westward and towards the end of the Erie Canal. So far the weather says it's going to get warmer towards the end of the week. Here's hoping they're right!

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