Sunday, April 25, 2010

Still in Palatine, NY

So I was about to check out - gear and dog all ready - when a friendly old biker dude started chatting with me. He asked where I was heading and whatnot, and then said he wouldn't want to be out walking today, what with the big storm front coming in. I replied that I didn't particularly look forward to it, especially as we'll be camping out tonight.

Skip forward about thirty minutes and he offers me a ride if I wait until tomorrow. He said he couldn't go today because he's the only one to watch the motel office, but he's free tomorrow and he'd be happy to drive us all the way to the next town with a motel/hotel in it. He said he wouldn't recommend camping until later this week, as it's supposed to be very cold and very rainy until Wednesday.

So that works out well! Because I honestly wasn't looking forward to walking in the cold and wet. I mean, I do have plenty of rain gear...well, except for shoes. But it's pretty cold out now, I'd hate to see how cold it gets sitting in a tent in the rain after sundown.
Plus! Friendly grizzled old retired biker dude! I will def get a pic tomorrow when he gives us a ride. He is awesome.

This is where I'm staying.

It looks kinda sketchy at first, but is totally a friendly and homey place. The room feels more like a guest room than a motel, and everyone here is super friendly and chatty. (Some people are residents, as some of the rooms are apartments, not just motel rooms.)

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Linda said...

Yay for profitable chats with friendly people!