Friday, April 29, 2011

Hello, Goodbye.

Hello Blog Followers! Long time no update, eh?

Well, have I been busy this week!

First off, I've finally written up all of my Erie Canal adventure in one place. So if you'd like to read all of my Erie Canal adventure, head on over here: Ameranth's TravelPod

Second, while Blogger worked wonders for my last adventure, it will no longer be my home. It is sad, but these things happen. ;)

However, this is not the end of Ameranth! I've got a new space on the interwebs where all of my updates will be from now on: the new home of Adventures Await

Annd, if you're on Facebook, I've got a page set up there for easy following as well: Adventures Await on facebook

I'm planning on leaving for my next adventure soon, and I hope that you all continue to follow along as Anna and I plot our way across the United States.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Lockport to Middleport; Sailing Canadians at last!

So, back to our story.....

Meet George and Carolyn, my friendly Canadian sailors:

The story of George and Carolyn -

So there I was, tired and sweaty and hoping the rain would hold off until I set up my tent, and suddenly I hear "Oh, now that's gotta be a good story." I look over, and there sits a couple resting in the stern (I think?) of their rather large sailboat (which I had somehow failed to see, I guess I must have been pretty focused on finding a good spot for my tent?).

I chatted with them for awhile, talking about where Anna and I were heading and where we'd been already. George informed me that they were heading out to a restaurant down the canal for their anniversary dinner, and then invited me along. I politely declined, and they told me to feel free to hop aboard if it started to rain or if I just wanted somewhere indoors to sit for awhile.

They changed and went off for their dinner, and I set up the tent for the night.

While they were out it did actually start to rain a bit, so I grabbed my journal, a snack, and Anna's leash and headed for the boat. Anna didn't think that was a good idea. Even with the lure of a cat on board! She got her front feet on and then freaked out and tried to get back to solid ground, almost falling into the canal in the process.

So Anna lounged by the boat, on solid ground and in the rain, and I sat under the shelter and enjoyed the oddness of sitting on a stranger's boat.

By the time George and Carolyn came back for dinner it was raining pretty steadily. Without too much protest on my part, they convinced me that it'd be much more comfortable to sleep in their spare cabin in the bow. I went and grabbed my sleeping gear, and with the help of Carolyn got Anna on board. Then, now with the help of George, actually got Anna inside the boat.

Once inside Anna settled down, and George and Carolyn and I stayed up for a bit chatting. Those of you who know me know I'm not all that great at chatting or having any kind of extended conversation with strangers....or friends and family, for that matter. Talking tires me out, and I have trouble actually thinking up things to chat about. But I must say I did rather well that night, and it didn't feel all that strained. This could be because I had spent so much time alone walking that I was pretty much chatting with anyone I saw at that point, or just that they were very friendly and easy to talk to. Whichever, it made for a nice relaxing night.

After awhile we all headed to bed. The cabin I was staying in was quite comforable, with a good sized bed and my own sink and mirror! The bed was a tad high and Anna had to be lifted up, but once there she settled in. We both enjoyed having a mattress for a night rather than the hard ground!

The next morning we were up early enough to grab a picture of the sunrise from the boat.

And after a light breakfast and some more chatting we all set off on our opposite ways. George and Carolyn offered me a ride, but unfortunately I was on my way back East along the canal and they were heading West to Canada. If only I had met them earlier along the canal!

My friendly sailing Canadians, sailing off into the West.

And that, my friends, is the story behind my friendly Canadian sailors. Tada!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Hello from Maine!

For those of you out of the loop (which would be everyone other than my parents, since I apparently fail at communication), plans have changed. Sadly.

So I got to the end of the Erie Canal and woe, for I had run out of money. Well, not out out, just nearly out. I would have enough to get me back to Melissa in Brockport, and then maybe possibly to get back to Maine to the parents. So alas, I could not venture 'cross the country as planned.

But you know what? I'm actually okay with it. Sort of. In a roundabout if-I-have-to-be-realistic kind of way.

But of course when one plan fails we don't just fall down and mope. Oh no no no, we make New Plans!

New Plans involve me mooching on the generosity and extra space of the Mom and Dad, and hopefully tripping over some discipline and sitting down to write about my adventure in book form.

And planning the next Walk for Adventure. Depending on money and a job (which I'm still without), this could be planning for the entire USA, or it could mean finding a second Erie Canal size walk. Who knows!

And in case you're curious - Anna and I walked a grand (estimated) total of *drum roll* 475 miles!

Oh yeah, and I still haven't updated about those dang Canadians....or how I got back to Brockport, or about the stranger I hitched a ride with, or the midnight arrival at the sister's house, or about how I actually made it to Maine.

This means, of course, to keep checking back here for updates to catch you all up to date on my adventures with strangers!